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As Elemental-Value, we are the licensed representative of Co-Active Coaching programs of CTI, the world's largest coaching school. We provide all our coaching services by keeping Co-Active coaching in our main centre. We see the potential of individuals and focus on living a meaningful life and making conscious choices. Call us for information about all our coaching services!

Executive Coaching

Elemental-Value is the licensed representative of Co-active® coaching programs of CTI, the world's largest coaching school. In our individual coaching services, we keep Co-Active coaching at the main centre and design processes that are supported by mentoring and counselling when necessary.

First 90 Days Coaching

First 90 days Coaching is offered during the first 90 days of a new manager's promotion and is performed 6 times, each lasting 60 minutes.

A manager should change his/her leadership style and increase his/her leadership skills while climbing the management ladder. While leadership at first-level management positions is more about the management of relations, production and timing, leadership at the top-management level is about strategy, profit and communication.

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Team Coaching (Dream Team)

Sustainable success will not be possible in an efficient team if the relations are not positive. The spirit of the team affects the positive or negative results that spread over the entire company over time. In Elemental-V, a "DREAM TEAM" program is implemented in our team coaching processes where we focus on both the growth and development of the team as a team and the individual leadership development of team members.

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