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First 90 Days Coaching

First 90 days Coaching is offered during the first 90 days of a new manager's promotion and is performed 6 times, each lasting 60 minutes. 

A manager should change his/her leadership style and increase his/her leadership skills while climbing the management ladder. While leadership at first-level management positions is more about the management of relations, production and timing, leadership at the top-management level is about strategy, profit and communication.

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When you take charge in a management role, it requires both a new behaviour and new intellectual skill. It is important for a newly promoted manager to benefit from a coach who will help him adapt to change and enable him to lead effectively. A newly appointed and well-coached manager will learn exactly what he or she needs to know and will have the opportunity to try out leadership development strategies that work for him/her between coaching sessions. In this way, his/her feeling of self-confidence will increase as his improving performance.

Elemental Value aim to create a smooth transition to management with our First 90-days coaching which focuses on developing effective leadership behaviours as such:

  • Avoiding micro management

  • Delegating the right job to the right people

  • Giving effective feedback

  • Efficient time management

  • Facing tough people and situations with self confidence

  • Understanding the importance of coaching and applying it

  • Efficient communication with the colleagues and direct reports

  • Influencing others

  • Preserving the quality and acquiring results from the team

  • Providing the right support and determining the strengths and development areas of the team

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