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Case Design


If you would like the content of the assessment centre to reflect your company's culture and way of working approach, we do create special design for you.

We are supporting you with specific case designs on different levels suitable for your assessment and development centre processes and needs. Call us for our special design processes that are agile, tailor-made for your organization which provide skill assessment and support development of your people.

Case Design according to Levels

Management Trainee (MT) and Below Manager Lever

Mid-Management Level

Director Level

C Level

“We are the leader of our Business”

“I'm the Leader of My Business and My Team”

“I am the Leader of the Business Unit”

“I am leading with vision”

Our Case Portfolio

Group Study

Strategic Plan


Peer Role Play

Employee Role Play Employee

Supplier Role Play

Customer Role Play


 Decision-making in challenging situations

Communicating the Vision

Situational Judgment test

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