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Interview Coaching

You wish you had a chance to practice before conducting the interview, if you have known better how to express yourself... You're sure you're a good fit for the job, but that's what you have found at the end of the interview that you didn't have the effect you have desired. Finally, you have been invited to the interview you have been waiting for. You have been invited for the company you would love to work for or for the promotion opportunity you have been expecting at your company.


If you are one of those who do not want to leave it to chance, our interview coaching service may be exactly for you, within a 2-hour session:

1- Interview Simulation: A real interview pilot is conducted for the company and/or position you are aiming.

2- Counselling is given on what was the effect you created in the interview, how you can perform a better interview. Then, according to which level of management you are going to do the interview with, at what stage of your interview process you are with the company (Board of Directors, General Manager, Human Resources, and head-hunter interview) you will be able to determine your interview strategy that serves your needs. All possible “tough” questions will be dwelled on.

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