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Career Coaching

Career Coaching

1. Recognition Process: The aim is to reveal you and your potential, to enable you to focus on the right goals… Each person is unique and whole. Only one can find the values in him/herself and the goals that serve her/him. We also use a professional interest inventory, if necessary, to uncover the following topics.

  • Your values

  • Your life goals

  • Your personality traits

  • Your professional interests, your favorite activities

  • Your career goals

  • Your work experiences and skills

2. The Process of Re-Looking at the Business World: It is the stage of determining the options that will serve you by looking at the business world in the light of your expectations, personal characteristics and experiences.

  • Reviewing the sector / company / positions together according to your goals

  • Choosing appropriate careers, jon opportunities, target companies and positions

  • If necessary, extra work is done for the required change in your way of thinking and in your life.

3. Job Hunting Process: After clarifying the next step in your career or defining options, the job hunting process can be started.

Duration: A certain package of coaching is not applied in these processes related to the decision making of career goals. It evolves out of the needs of the person. It can take between 4-12 hours. The following steps can be differentiated according to the person and his/her goal. For example, if you only want to explain yourself better in the interview, it is possible to design a different process for you.

Session Frequency: The frequency and length of the sessions are close and longer at the beginning of the process. It is considered as the first 2 sessions require 2 hours.

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