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Dream Team

Teams come together to deliver results. Successful teams achieve sustainable outcomes by working productively and positively with each other for efficient results.


Sustainable success will not be possible in an efficient team if the relations are not positive. The spirit of the team affects the positive or negative results that spread over the entire company over time.

In Elemental Value, a "DREAM TEAM" program is implemented in our team coaching processes where we focus on both the growth and development of the team as a team and the individual leadership development of team members.

The team coaching process, which lasts 3-6 months, starts with an inventory in which the team is evaluated in 14 competencies and continues with periodic sessions. The process is completed with the same inventory where the team can be re-evaluated so the progress can be measured concretely. Dream Team process is also supported by individual assessment inventories, 360-degree feedback assessment and individual coaching processes.

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